A Fresh Perspective, Real Leadership


Dominic Grossi is a 4th generation Marin County resident, dairy farmer, father and small business owner who is ready to bring his agricultural and business background to strengthen Marin County as a member of the Board of Supervisors.

Some of his priorities for Marin County and the Fourth District focus on:

  • Creating jobs and supporting our locally-owned businesses.
  • Investing in our roads and community infrastructure while providing transparency and accountability for these investments.
  • Conserving our water resources and protecting our creeks, streams, reservoirs and coastline.
  • Preserving family farms and other open space and agricultural areas.
  • Collaborating with residents to provide affordable housing at appropriate locations.
  • Better managing the County’s finances and ensuring fiscal responsibility from County government.
  • Supporting the quality of our local schools and education system.
  • Providing public safety officials with the resources needed to keep our community safe and secure while maintaining fast emergency response times.
  • Improving bike access to our public trails system and improving infrastructure for the safety of cyclists.

Dominic is the only candidate for 4th District Supervisor who has a comprehensive plan for our future.  You can read Dominic's plan by clicking here, which elaborates on the issues outlined above, along with several other important policy proposals and innovative ideas to strengthen Marin County in the years ahead.

You are also welcome to view some of the statements from Dominic about important issues facing the Marin County community, including: